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Brief description of project

Ada to GXL is a factextractor translating from Ada Source code to the Graph eXchange Language ( to support reengineering. The Ada ASIS library and the GNAT compiler will be used for the translation.

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A common goal in reengineering and reverse engineering is to have a common repository for information about the source code to be used in tools (program comprehension, architecture reverse engineering, redocumentation etc). A standard format called GXL (Graph eXchange Language) ( is gaining wide acceptance in the reengineering community. It is indepenent of programming language, abstraction level and data structures used.

"Ada to GXL" will be a translator that translates from Ada source code to GXL. "Ada to GXL" will be implemented in Ada and use ASIS (Ada Semantic Interface Specification) for GNAT as the front-end to create the abstract syntax tree. The XML based format GXL will be the target format for the translation.

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List of references

Graph eXchange Language (GXL)
Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)
ASIS for GNAT on SourceForge Logo